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Hurricane Hints

Here are our “Hurricane Hints” to make sure you and your pets are prepared for hurricane season.


Whether you plan to stay in town or evacuate, we strongly recommend that you make plans for your pets in advance. Please remember, if it’s not safe enough for you, it’s not safe enough for your pet either. Be aware that not all hotels accept pets – even in an emergency – so make sure you have a list of options ready. If you plan to stay with friends or family, talk with them in advance to make sure their household can handle pets – does anyone have allergies? will your pets get along with theirs?


  • Vaccine records & rabies tag. We can e-mail you a copy of you pets’ vaccine records so you can access them anytime.
  • Pet ID tag that includes multiple contact phone numbers.
  • Leash & collar, kennel or carrier, pet seat belt.
  • For cats: litter & a portable litter pan. Disposable baking pans work great!
  • 2 week supply of food – especially if your pet is on a prescription diet!
  • 2 week supply of medications – be sure to get them filled ahead of time!
  • Water supply.
  • Bowls for food & water.
  • Supplies to clean up accidents!
  • Current photo of your pet.


  • We strongly recommend getting your pet MICROCHIPPED – even if your pet never leaves your side! Preparing for a hurricane – not to mention the bad weather! – can be very stressful and your pet might get spooked and escape from your house or yard while you’re busy packing up the car. They might also escape while you’re stretching your legs or letting them take a potty break while in evacuation traffic. And if you evacuate somewhere they’re not familiar with, they might try to find their way home. Collars break or can be removed. Microchipping is the only way to identify your pet as yours. It is the easiest & fastest way for a shelter or vet to get your pet back to you.
  • If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your contact info. is current & plentiful i.e. multiple contacts, phone numbers, & emails. Not sure how to check? Call or email us!
  • Keep your pet’s collar with ID tags on at all times!
  • If your pet does not travel well, talk to your veterinarian about options for sedatives or suggestions to help prepare them for travel.

If you are not planning to evacuate, please remember most shelters DO NOT accept pets. We still recommend having/doing everything above.

We hope you all stay safe & dry! If you have any questions or think we should add any recommendations, please call us at 504-899-2828 or e-mail info@prytaniavet.com.

– Danielle
(Veterinary nurse & public relations manager. Team member since 2006.)